So you're thinking about getting a Brazilian Wax for the very first time.

I'm sure by now you've heard the painful tales and horrid stories, but i promise it's not that bad.

We're not going to convince you that waxing is painless, because it's not and of course, when dealing with sensitive areas, the pain seems to multiply. But believe us when we say the pain passes quickly.

When thinking about a wax, forget "his or her" experience, because yours will not be the same. Your first time experience can never be the same as any one else's. Before listening to anyone's testimony, talk to an esthetician, they know their jobs and do it very well. ( for the most, or else they would not be certified, now would they?)

Not comfortable asking an esthetician? Well this is where we come in.

We are going to break it down as much as possible all the steps of mental, physical and even the emotional preparation and procedures of a wax and particularly a Brazilian.


  • A. Grow out your hair for four weeks

Yes, four. Think about it this way: The shorter the hair, the harder the pull, because short hair is denser, and of course, that's where the excruciating pain comes in.

  • B. Pop an pain killer before your appointment

Anything that will make the skin less inflamed. It's just like getting a new weave, you know it's going hurt once you're done, so you pop an Advil or Doliprane before you get it done to anticipate the pain and relieve it.

  • C. 5 days before and after your period

Don't go 5 days before or after your period. Plan ahead. Your body will be more sensitive and the pain will be unbearable.

  • D. Exfoliate the night or morning before your wax

Using a sugar scrub will help remove dead skin cells is key to a clean wax and fewer ingrown hairs. However, recommend exfoliating until two or three weeks after your bikini wax in the area, as it can irritate skin. (At Fayani BeautySpace we offer Scrubs that you can purchase)

  • E. Do not work out right after a wax

If you sweat on skin that’s freshly waxed in tight yoga pants, there’s no hair to absorb the sweat and the friction will cause irritation.

  • F. Know the wax you're getting

A Bikini wax : is a clean-up of the sides of the pubic area only and about an inch down from the top of your hairline

A Brazilian wax or Full Brazilian wax : means everything comes off, front to back, and the top area can be styled any way. It's as bald as Jordan's head.

  • G. Dress code : Wax Appropriate

Wear something comfortable , nothing too tight because you don't want chafing. If you are not comfortable being naked in front of people, wear a two piece outfit, that way only your bottom half is exposed and you feel less vulnerable. For the more free-spirited people, throw on a dress that you take off by throwing it quickly over your head.

  • H. Go Comando.

When you esthetician says get undressed, she means underwear also.

  • I. Trust you wax Relax, Breathe

As said before, we know what we're doing, we're naturally supposed to make the experience as comfortable as it can possibly be and with as little pain as possible. Most if not all, will press their hand right after removing a strip to ease the pain, you'll find it a lot less painful when she does that.

  • J. Come with a calming spirit.

believe it or not, your body will react to the pain the same way you are reacting to everything around you at the moment. When I first started getting waxed, I noticed my wax lady knew when I was stressed, when I hadn't slept enough and when my period was coming just by my reaction to the pain. Being in a calm state of mind will definitely make your experience a lot easier.

  • K. It gets better

The more you get a bikini wax, the less it will hurt. The first time is the most intense. Afterwards, we’re not working with hard, stubbly hair, so it comes up more easily. That explains why women who’ve been going for years hardly bat an eyelash.

Now that you've gathered all the information that you need to prepare your wax, you're probably ready to book one aren't you? Just click the link here.

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