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Welcome to Fayani Blog.

Our tagline : All for skin , For all skin

Handmade skin care, Caribbean Made.

We are a Saint Martin based company, what started out as a personal DIY challenge during covid for our CEO's skin issues because of the maskne (Acne due to wearing surgical mask constantly due to covid regulations) uprise caught the eyes of many with the results it gave. Since 2020 we have grown tremendously, starting out with 3 simple products for face to an entire face and body collection of handmade natural products. We provide products that may help soothe problematic skin.

This Blog will serve you as a guide to your skincare journey. It will help you understand your skin better and the products you're using.


We chose simple and effective ingredients that your body will love. You will discover a love for your skin like never before with the proper care and treatment that Fayani products will provide you with.

Why Fayani

We are forever evolving to ensure that we are providing your skin with a luxury that will last well beyond your expectations. At Fayani we listen to our clients demands and apply accordingly. We are open to growth so that your skin is always getting what it needs. This is why our blog section will be your ultimate guide to the new found bond that you and your skin will have after just one use of our products.

Take away

So Subscribe to our website and join the Fayani family, here you will discover that happiness that starts within is even better with great skin. Visit us Now or Subscribe.

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